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CGST Navi Mumbai arrests one person for availing and passing on fake ITC on bogus invoices19.08.2022Click Here
CGST Bhiwandi Commissionerate arrests two persons for availing and passing on fake ITC on bogus invoices of Rs. 55 crore19.08.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai (South) Commissionerate busts Rs. 455 Crore fake GST invoice racket. One person Arrested11.08.2022Click Here
CGST Bhiwandi Commissionerate busts a case of non -payment of GST and fraudulent availment of ITC, amounting to Rs. 78 crore07.08.2022Click Here
Director of private firm arrested by CGST Navi Mumbai for tax fraud to the tune of Rs 19 crores28.07.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate Mumbai West busts Rs 10.61 Crores fake GST invoice racket28.07.2022Click Here
CGST Bhiwandi Commissionerate busts Rs. 74 Crore fake GST invoice racket27.07.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai South Commissionerate busts Rs. 185 Crore fake GST invoice racket23.07.2022Click Here
Central GST Commissionerate of Mumbai Zone unearths Fake ITC of more than Rs. 100 Crore15.07.2022Click Here
Central GST Commissionerate, Mumbai Zone arrests 2 persons involved in two fake GST Input Tax Credit14.06.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate Mumbai East unearths fake tax credit network and arrests one20.05.2022Click Here
CGST Thane Commissionerate busts fake Input tax credit racket worth Rs. 8 Crore13.05.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai West Zone busts tax fraud on bogus bills of around Rs. 60 Crore12.05.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai busts fraudulent availment of Input Tax Credit of Rs. 15 Crore12.05.2022Click Here
CGST Ccommissionerate, Mumbai West Zone busts fake GST Input Tax Credit of Rs. 15.23 Crore29.04.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate Mumbai South Arrests Co-conspirator in a Fake Input Tax Credit Claim of Rs. 11.07 Cr; Proprietor arrested earlier CGST Mumbai South Commissionerate has detected tax evasion of Rs. 876 Crores, recovered Rs. 14.4 Crores so far27.04.2022Click Here
South Mumbai CGST Commissionerate bursts Rs. 18 crore Fake Input Tax Credit Racket06.04.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Navi Mumbai busts a fake GST ITC racket of ₹ 19.84 Crore31.03.2022Click Here
CGST, Thane Rural Commissionerate arrests three persons in two cases related to fake availment and utilization of ITC25.03.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai tightens belt, hints at prompt action and zero tolerance for GST evasion and ITC frauds. Unearths fake ITC amounting to Rs.396.84 Cr, Recovers Rs. 28.65 Cr. in last 6 months11.03.2022Click Here
CGST Bhiwandi Commissionerate arrests a businessman involved in passing of fake ITC and bogus billing10.03.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Raigad arrests 29 year old involved in fake GST Input Tax Credit racket06.03.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Raigad busts fake GST Input Tax Credit racket05.03.2022Click Here
Exporter arrested for GST fraud04.03.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Belapur busts fake GST Input Tax Credit racket of Rs. 81 crores 25.02.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Belapur busts fake GST Input Tax Credit racket of Rs. 81 crores 21.02.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Raigad of CGST Mumbai Zone busts a fake ITC racket. Case is a part of special Anti-Evasion drive launched by CGST18.02.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate, Navi Mumbai busts fake Input Tax Credit racket of about Rs. 21 crores16.02.2022Click Here
Anti-Evasion wing of CGST Mumbai South arrests Partner of M/s Rushabh Bullion for availing fake GST Input Tax of Rs. 7.11 Crores12.02.2022Click Here
CGST Commissionerate in Navi Mumbai busts fake input tax credit racket, arrests proprietor of scrap metal firm09.02.2022Click Here
CGST Mumbai South smashes a network of fictitious firms which generated fake Input Tax Credit of Rs 49 crores04.02.2022Click Here
Couple arrested for GST Evasion of Rs 12.23 Crore04.02.2022Click Here
CGST Navi Mumbai Commissionerate busts fake ITC racket of Rs. 10.68 Crore, arrests proprietor of a steel firm03.02.2022Click Here
Contractor of Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation arrested for GST evasion of Rs. 9 Crore28.01.2022Click Here
CGST Palghar Commissionerate arrests one for committing GST fraud of Rs 181 Crores. Efforts on to identify and nab kingpin of a gang that commits GST frauds26.01.2022Click Here
Mumbai Central CGST Commissionerate busts racket involving bogus bills of Rs.234 Crores: Arrests a businessman25.01.2022Click Here
CGST Bhiwandi Commissionerate arrests businessman for running fake ITC network22.01.2022Click Here
Mumbai West CGST Commissionerate busts fake GST Input Tax Credit racket. One Businessman arrested 20.01.2022Click Here
Navi Mumbai CGST Commissionerate busts Input Tax Credit racket of more than Rs. 10 Crores. Arrests one businessman 13.01.2022Click Here
Navi Mumbai CGST Commissionerate busts Rs. 70 Crores Fake GST Input Tax Credit Racket08.01.2022Click Here
Thane CGST Commissionerate busts Rs. 22 crores fake GST Input Tax Credit racket. Operation is a part of large-scale effort by CGST Mumbai Zone to stamp out fake ITC networks04.01.2022Click Here
Mumbai GST Commissionerate detects Rs 40.5 crores GST evasion by Cryptocurrency Exchange Wazir. Recovers Rs 49.20 crores in cash including interest and penalty31.12.2021Click Here
CGST Mumbai (South) makes an arrest for availing fake ITC of amount 21.74 Crores30.12.2021Click Here
CGST officers arrest Chartered Accountant for generating fake input tax credit to the tune of Rs. 92 crores. Case involves fake invoice of more than Rs. 500 crores 15.12.2021Click Here
CGST, Mumbai busts fictitious entities availing Input Tax Credit against Fake Invoices; fraudulent transaction of Rs. 6.23 Crore. Special Drive detects Tax Evasion of Rs. 3,500 Crore so far; Rs. 460 Crore recovered13.12.2021Click Here
CGST Mumbai Central Commissionerate busts a racket of fake ITC generators08.12.2021Click Here
Fake Input Tax Credit racket worth Rs. 12 crores busted by Thane CGST; One Arrested03.12.2021Click Here
Thane CGST arrests one person for Input Tax Credit Fraud Of Rs. 90.68 crores23.10.2021Click Here
CGST & Central Excise officials make arrests in Mumbai. Arrest made in an ongoing investigation involving receipt and supply of ineligible Input Tax Credit amounting to Rs. 6.46 Crores.Department has launched a drive against fake invoice racketeers.26.09.2021Click Here